Solutions: Small Business Manager (Retail Edition)

WinTill Small Business Manager is the ideal solution for dynamic, focused single site retailers who require all the business tools of a larger enterprise to ensure the success of their venture but don't wish to invest in the costly, additional, multi-terminal functionality. Comprising of high specification Epos software and a comprehensive back office system, installed on a single machine, WinTill Small Business Manager comes with a wide range of functionality as standard to fulfil and exceed all aspects of your business requirements in one efficient, effective package.

Cost Effective

You only purchase the products you want and need, should you require additional functionality, now or at a later stage in the growth of your business, additional modules to work in conjunction with your existing system are available - such as Estore Manager, Barcode Label Printing, Portable Data Capture and Sale and Promotions Management. All WinTill solutions are platform independent so there is no need to replace your existing hardware with expensive new machines. 

Intuitive and easy to use

The on screen menus and prompts allow staff to quickly become competent operators and as only the relevant, authorised functionality is ever available the possibility of mistakes being made or security being breached is virtually zero.

Stock Management

Minimising stockloss and monitoring stock movements within a small business, particularly those selling high value product, is crucial and with WinTill you can audit the stock movements of every item and the flexible stocktaking functionality allows you to stock check problem areas quickly, easily and regularly.

Incorporating more functionality and features than ever before WinTill Small Business Manager is the only Epos, Stock Control and Back Office package you will ever need.

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  • Customer Specific Discount
  • Security Settings 1
  • Security Settings 2


  • Till FunctionalityHide details

    A wide range of features and functionality as standard to accommodate a multitude of scenario's.       

    • Enter float & cash up
    • Touchscreen or keyboard functionality
    • Referenced returns
    • Gift receipts
    • Produce and Redeem Credit Notes & Gift Vouchers
    • Product search & stock enquiry
    • Price change facility
    • Discounts
    • Apply reason codes to discounts, returns and price changes
    • Suspend and recall transactions
    • Deposits
    • Miscellaneous Income & Expenses
    • Staff sales functionality
    • Manager override facility
    • Accept foreign payments
  • Financial InformationHide details

    End of Session Summaries give a complete breakdown of all financial activity

    • Float value
    • Lift value
    • Declaration of bankable tender
    • Declaration of none-bankable tender
    • Vouchers Issued
    • Miscellaneous income value
    • Miscellaneous expense value
    • Total value of goods sold
    • Margin achieved
    • VAT breakdown
    • Assistant takings analysis
    • Start session branch, terminal, time, date and user ID.           
    • End session time, date and user ID
    • Abridged summaries for specific date ranges
    • Reporting is fully configurable at HO
    • Accessible during a session or retrospectively
    • Can be reprinted at anytime.
  • SecurityHide details

    Flexible security settings give you complete control of your system

    • Unique user log on ID
    • Set up and configure limitless users and authorisation levels
    • Can integrate with fully PCI-DSS compliant chip and pin terminals
    • Open cash drawer alert (subject to compatible hardware)
    • Configurable Cash Lift limits and alerts
    • Configurable time out for user log on
    • Facility to view historical transactions
  • Customer LoyaltyHide details

    Know your customers needs and habits

    • Set up & maintain customer accounts
    • Data capture - Customer Contact List
    • Monitor shopping habits - Trading Summary & Sales By Customer reporting
    • Offer relevant promotions
    • Offer loyalty rewards
    • Customer specific price lists
    • Customer discounts
    • Issue rewards vouchers
  • Analysis & InformationHide details

    An extensive list of sales and stock reports. 

    • Stock Evaluation
    • Negative Stock
    • Old Stock
    • Stock Movement Audit
    • Outstanding Shipping Notes
    • Supplier Performance
    • Stock & Sales
    • Style, Stock & Sales
    • Sales By Supplier
    • Sales By Date Range
    • Margin Values
    • VAT Summary
    • Operator Discount Enquiry
    • Fast/Slow Reports
    • Top & Bottom Sellers
    • Average Transaction Values
    • Outstanding Vouchers/Credit Notes
    • Miscellaneous Income Expense Analysis
    • Net Tender Movements
    • None Coded Sales Analysis
    • Till Transaction Audit
    • Transaction Statistics
    • Financial Summary
    • Coverage Reporting
    • Shrinkage
    • Goods Received Notes
    • Outstanding Purchase Orders
    • Purchase Orders
  • POS AdministrationHide details

    Functionality allowing you to individually configure and control your Epos functions.

    • Customer Details Prompt
    • Maintenance Functions:
      • Discount Type
      • Income Expense Type
      • No Sale Reason
      • Price Change Reason
      • Return Reason
      • Tender Type
      • Receipt Text Block
    • Print Function Configuration:
      • Receipt Format
      • Voucher Format
      • Refund Slip Format
      • Credit Note
      • Deposit Slip
      • Till Lift
      • Gift Receipt
      • Headers & Footers
      • VAT Breakdown
      • Logo
      • Barcode
      • End of Session Report
  • Stock ManagementHide details

    A wide range of tools to ensure accurate and efficient stock control.

    •  Stock  & Supplier:
      • Supplier Maintenance
      • Category Maintenance
      • Product Maintenance
      • Attribute Maintenance
    • Stock Adjustments/Write Off
    • Purchase Orders Entry & Management
    • Shipping Notes Entry & Management
    • Goods Received Notes Entry & Management
    • Stock Movement Audit Reporting
    • Stocktaking
    • Shipping Receipt:
      • By Shipping Note
      • By Source Location (eg Supplier)
      • By Purchase Order
      • Blind Booking In
      • Automated Booking In
    • Stock Movements Actioned:
      • Using Handheld Portable Scanners
      • Using Till Scanners
      • Using Imported Files
      • Manually
    • Return to Supplier
    • None Coded Sales Conversion
    • None Coded Sales Analysis