The WinTill Server head office management suite is a vital component of any multi-terminal, multi-site, multi-channel operation. Fully scalable, flexible and configurable the WinTill Server will support an unlimited amount of machines and locations giving you complete control over your entire estate. Optional, bolt on modules are also available allowing you to add functionality in tune with the needs of your business. We have a proven track record in providing international, enterprise level solutions and you can have the confidence that our software will encourage growth and support the successful expansion of your business.  


Estate Wide Visibility & Control

WinTill Server provides total visibility of all operations across the entire estate - financial activity, individual transactions, all stock movements and stock holding down to item level by location.


Upto the Minute Information and Detailed Reporting

The Data Transfer operations execute live updates, providing real time, business critical information. Comprehensive reporting allows for a detailed analysis of the data assisting and guiding your decision making processes.


Stock Management

The comprehensive stock control system ensures control, visibility and traceability of all stock movements throughout your operation.  


International Functionality

Fully configurable by location and user WinTill supports multi-lingual, multi-currency environments  


WinTill Server has all the functionality and more you will need to successfully manage and expand your business, creating a multi-machine, multi-branch, multi-channel and multi-national operating environment.



  • ReportingHide details

    The WinTill Server offers an extensive list of financial, sales and stock reports. Stock and sales reports are viewable at item, style, category and supplier level and reporting is fully configurable by date and location

    • Stock Holding By Branch
    • Stock Evaluation
    • Negative Stock
    • Old Stock
    • Stock Movement Audit
    • Outstanding Shipping Notes
    • Supplier Performance By Category
    • Supplier Performance For Category
    • Stock & Sales
    • Style, Stock & Sales
    • Sales By Customer
    • Sales By Supplier
    • Sales By Day
    • Sales By Week
    • Sales By Month
    • Sales By Year
    • Sales By Branch
    • Sales By Date Range
    • Margin Values
    • VAT Summary
    • Operator Discount Enquiry
    • Fast/Slow Reports
    • Top & Bottom Sellers
    • Average Transaction Values
    • Outstanding Vouchers/Credit Notes
    • Miscellaneous Income Expense Analysis
    • Net Tender Movements
    • None Coded Sales Analysis
    • Till Transaction Audit
    • Till Session Summary
    • Transaction Statistics
    • Customer Trading Summary
    • Customer Contact List
    • Financial Summary By Branch
    • Coverage Reporting
    • Shrinkage
    • Goods Received Notes
    • Outstanding Purchase Orders
    • Purchase Orders
  • POS AdministrationHide details

    Functionality allowing you to individually configure and control your estate by branch, terminal and user.

    • Set Up and Configure Unlimited Branches
    • Set Up and Configure Unlimited Terminal
    • Set Up and Configure Unlimited Users
    • User Auto Logo Off
    • Customer Details Prompt
    • Cash Drawer Security Alerts
    • Cash Lift Threshold
    • Maintenance Functions
      • User Set Up
      • Security Levels
      • Discount Type
      • Income Expense Type
      • No Sale Reason
      • Price Change Reason
      • Return Reason
      • Tender Type
      • Receipt Text Block
    • Print Function Configuration
      • Receipt Format
      • Voucher Format
      • Refund Slip Format
      • Credit Note
      • Deposit Slip
      • Till Lift
      • Gift Receipt
      • Headers & Footers
      • Auto Log off
      • VAT Breakdown
      • Secondary Currency
      • Logo
      • Barcode
      • End of Session Report
  • International FunctionalityHide details
    • Multi-lingual - By User
    • Main currency is configurable by location
    • Multiple currencies accepted
    • Exchange rates can be specified by location
    • International Pricing Facility
    • Country/Location Specific VAT rates
  • Data Transfer ServicesHide details

    Facilitates the Bi-directional Flow of Data Between all Terminals, HO Server and 3rdParty Systems Where Integrated

    • Network Failure Resilient
    • 3rd Party Integration Optional
    • Automatically Updates After Any Network Failure
    • Fully Configurable Polling
    • Live or Scheduled Polling
    • Easily Interpreted Logs
    • Exception Reporting
    • Sales
    • Orders
    • Shipping Receipts
    • Customer Details
    • Product Definitions
    • Stock Transfers
    • Stock Take Data
    • Stock Adjustments
    • Updating Epos terminal settings 
  • Stock ManagementHide details

    A wide range of tools to ensure accurate and efficient stock control.

    • Stock  & Supplier
      • Supplier Maintenance
      • Category Maintenance
      • Product Maintenance
      • Attribute Maintenance
    • Stock Adjustments
    • Enter Purchase Orders
    • Search Existing Purchase Orders
    • Expire Purchase Orders
    • Search Shipping Notes
    • Expire Shipping Notes
    • Search Goods Received Notes
    • Stock Movement Audit Reporting
    • Inter-company Transfers
    • Stocktaking
    • Shipping Receipt
      • By Shipping Note
      • By Source Location (eg Supplier)
      • By Purchase Order
      • Blind Booking In
      • Automated Booking In
    • Stock Movements Actioned
      • Using Handheld Portable Scanners
      • Using Till Scanners
      • Using Imported Files
      • Manually
    • Analytical reporting tools to maximise stock distribution
    • Return to Supplier
    • Stock Write -Off
    • None Coded Sales Conversion
    • None Coded Sales Analysis