Solutions: Retail Point of Sale

WinTill Retail POS is the perfect EPoS solution for the independent, growing retailer. Totally flexible and scalable it will grow as your business grows, allowing you to build and adapt the perfect retail solution for your business in a manageable, cost effective manner. Quick and easy to install WinTill systems operate seamlessly allowing you to focus on the development of your business, maximising the return on your investment as you see an increase in sales, customer loyalty and efficiency.

Intuitive and easy to use 

The on screen menus and prompts allow staff to quickly become competent operators and as only the relevant, authorised, functionality is available during a transaction the possibility of a mistake being made is virtually zero.

Robust and reliable 

WinTill Retail POS is network failure resistant. Any failure will have no visible effect on individual machines, allowing operations to continue as normal. Once connections are re-established all updates will be automatically processed

Scalable and flexible 

Can support an infinite number of locations and users, is fully platform independent reducing hardware costs and is a proven performer in the most demanding retail environments.

Packed with features WinTill Point of Sale provides a comprehensive, versatile Epos solution for retailers with big ideas.


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  • Product Discount
  • End of Session 2
  • Foreign Payment
  • Customer Accounts
  • Stock Enquiry Screen
  • Customer Detail Screen


  • Till functionalityHide details
    A wide range of features and functionality as standard to accommodate a multitude of scenario's.
    • Operations will continue as normal in the event of a network failure
    • Configurable tender types
    • Enter float
    • Cash up
    • Touchscreen or keyboard functionality
    • Multi-buys
    • Referenced returns
    • Gift receipts
    • Produce and Redeem Credit Notes
    • Produce and Redeem Gift Vouchers
    • Product search facility
    • Stock enquiry
    • Price change facility
    • Apply discounts to products
    • Apply discounts to entire transactions
    • Apply reason codes to discounts, returns and price changes
    • Suspend and recall transactions
    • Take deposits
    • Redeem deposits
    • Set up and maintain customer accounts
    • Miscellaneous Income
    • Miscellaneous Expenses
    • Staff sales functionality
    • Manager override facility
    • Accept foreign payments
  • Financial ReportingHide details

    End of Session Summaries give a complete breakdown of all financial activity

    • Float value
    • Lift value
    • Declaration of bankable tender
    • Declaration of none-bankable tender
    • Vouchers Issues
    • Miscellaneous income value
    • Miscellaneous expense value
    • Total value of goods sold
    • Margin achieved
    • VAT breakdown
    • Assistant takings analysis
    • Start session branch, terminal, time, date and user ID.           
    • End session time, date and user ID
    • Abridged summaries for specific date ranges
    • Reporting is fully configurable at HO
    • Accessible during a session or retrospectively
    • Can be reprinted at anytime.
  • Security Hide details

    Flexible security settings give you complete control of your system

    • Unique user log on ID
    • Fully configurable user authorisation levels
    • Can integrate with fully PCI-DSS compliant chip and pin terminals
    • Open cash drawer alert (subject to compatible hardware)
    • Configurable Cash Lift limits and alerts
    • Configurable time out for user log on
    • Facility to view historical transactions
    • Optional shell to prevent access to the desktop, internet and windows applications
  • Customer LoyaltyHide details

    Know your customers needs and habits 

    • Set up customer accounts
    • Data capture
    • Centralised web services prevent duplication of data when operating multiple locations and ensure upto date customer account information is available from all locations.
    • Monitor shopping habits
    • Reserve items with deposit
    • Offer relevant promotions
    • Offer loyalty rewards
    • Customer specific price lists
    • Customer discounts
    • Issue rewards vouchers