Solutions: Branch Logistics

Branch Logistics is location specific software which works in conjunction with WinTill Point of Sale (all variations) and is a required component in a multi-site scenario, enabling each branch to action operations such as goods received, goods out and stock taking.

Cost Effective

Branch Logistics need only be installed on one Epos terminal in each branch and this will not only update all of the other terminals within that branch but the functionality is also accessible on a selected back office pc meaning that administrative tasks can be completed away from the shop floor.


You can only make your branch managers accountable for their stock holding and stock loss if they are also responsible for their stock management. Branch Logistics gives them the tools to easily and effectively manage all stock movements and quickly identify areas of loss.


The features of Branch Logistics give you the option of allowing a greater flow of information to your management team. If it's appropriate to your business model you can authorise branch staff to have access to various reporting tools to assist and support decision making processes. Access to all of these functions and reports is fully configurable and can be withheld wherever necessary.

Solid stock control is the corner stone of any Epos solution and Branch Logistics provides the tools to action, review and evaluate fully referenced, auditable stock movements.


  • LogisticsHide details

    Flexible Logistics functionality provides the scope to efficiently execute, review and investigate stock movements. 

    • Search Shipping Notes
    • Expire Shipping Notes
    • Search Goods Received Notes
    • Stock Movement Audit Reporting
    • Inter-company Transfers
    • Stocktaking
    • Shipping Receipt:
      • By Shipping Note
    • By Source Location (eg Supplier)
    • By Purchase Order
    • Blind Booking In
    • Automated Booking In
    • Stock Movements Actioned:
      • Using Handheld Portable Scanners
      • Using Till Scanners
      • Using Imported Files
      • Manually
  • Stock ManagementHide details
    • Stock Enquiry
    • Sales Transaction Viewer
    • Purchase Order Entry
    • Purchase Order Search
    • Comprehensive Selection of Sales Reports 
  • ReportingHide details

    A wide range of sales, stock and financial reporting tools to give your branch managers the information they need to run a successful business

    • Sales Reports:
      • By Branch
      • By Day
      • By Week
      • By Month
      • By Year
      • By Selected Date Range
      • At Category Level
      • At Style Level
      • Totals
    • Stock and Sales By Category
    • Stock Movement Audit
    • Till Session Summary
    • Top and Bottom Sellers
    • VAT Summary
    • Shipping Note Enquiry
    • Print Shipping Note
    • Print Goods Received Note
    • Print Purchase Order
    • Outstanding Shipping Notes