News: Estate Management

WinTill are pleased to announce the introduction of a dynamic, versatile solution to Estate Management.

Not only is this Enterprise Estate Management software used to control your WinTill installations and upgrades but it will also prove to be an invaluable tool in the routine maintenance of your network of machines.

Providing centralised management of Windows systems in an enterprise environment Estate Management can also automatically deploy any Windows packages, remove selected packages, install selected files and maintain user accounts & registry settings. 

David Evans, WinTill MD says 'This fantastic new tool will save IT professionals many, many man hours. Estate management and maintenance tasks which would previously have taken days, or even weeks to complete, depending on the size of your estate, can now be executed within a matter of hours.'

A single profile detailing the maintenance and updates to be completed can be quickly and easily set up and allocated to each machine with a single click and automatic deployment is scheduled for time most appropriate to your business. Estate Management eradicates the need for disruptive IT maintenance and proves to be a massive time saving tool when you have hundreds or even thousands of remote machines to look after.