Solutions: Retail Operations

Mission Critical Solutions 

At WinTill we understand the difference the right system makes to the success of your business. Efficiency, reliability, control and accountability are vital to ensure the smooth running of your day to day operations, keeping the key focus on sales.

Sales are the raison d'ĂȘtre of any retail operation and in-store operations can be automated and refined to your specifications, ensuring that the energies of your staff and your business are directed firmly at customer service and sales.



We understand the importance of reliability to our customers and unlike many other solutions WinTill is not network dependent. Your systems will continue to operate in the event of any network failure, internal or otherwise, automatically recovering and performing any necessary updates once the network is operational again. As long as you have power you can continue to make sales



Estate wide visibility and fully flexible configuration, right down to user level, means that you have complete control over your operations, allowing you to retrieve upto the minute data and make and execute decisions when it matters. Any changes will be propagated across the estate within minutes. Efficient systems save time and money and WinTill have a proven track record in significantly reducing head office staff hours.

Key Benefits

3rd Party ERP Integration

Already fully integrated with a number of the worlds' largest ERP solution providers data is transferred bi-directionally between systems ensuring a smooth flow of information throughout your organisation.

Integrated chip and pin

WinTill POS solutions provide integration with the UK's first PA-DSS approved point to point encrypted chip and pin terminals, providing dual layer data encryption from the point the data is captured on the terminal.


Customer relationships are growing ever more vital in the increasing competitive markets, WinTill provides customer accounts, data capture, sales history and loyalty schemes to name just a few features, allowing you to target your key customers with relevant promotions and rewards.

Stock Control

Every stock movement is referenced and easily tracked and the Stock Audit will report every stock movement for a given item at a location providing tight stock control and the facility for indepth investigation of any anomalies.