Solutions: Logistics

Stock Management

WinTill solutions can help reduce your stock loss and increase the accuracy of your stock holding information with tight inventory control and indepth reporting to identify the key areas of stock loss, thereby allowing you to analyse and review business processes where relevant. With WinTill problem areas are quickly identified and the flexible software allows you to implement solutions across your estate with immediate effect and without the need for costly IT intervention. Processes can be scrutinised at any stage of the supply chain and the relevant procedures refined.


There is a range of options available when actioning each stock movement (from manual, blind inputting to automated stock updates) allowing you to configure the system to comply with and compliment your business procedures and protocol. However WinTill is designed to eradicate human error and security breaches and to automate processes wherever possible, increasing both efficiency and accuracy and reducing costs associated with stock loss and staff hours.

Added Value

Of course reducing overheads and stockloss is only a part of the equation, increasing sales is vital and stock optimisation is a crucial factor of this. Estate wide visibility of stock holding, sales, coverage and stock movements combined with an optional replenishment system ensures your head office team have the tools they rely upon to manage and maintain the optimum stock levels within your branches.

Key Benefits

Accuracy and Accountability

Stock movement procedures can be configured to ensure checks at each stage of the process to highlight any discrepancies and at which link in the supply chain they occurred.

Stock Movement

Stock movements are easily actioned and referenced and any outstanding movements are traced and reported. Indepth reporting and recording allows any anomalies to be investigated and resolved.

Stock Processing

Barcode label printing facilities can be used at any point in the supply chain allowing your business to allocate stock processing to the most appropriate location. The format of the printing software is very flexible and can be easily and quickly amended to best suit the needs of your business.

3rd Party ERP Integration

Already fully integrated with a number of the worlds' largest ERP solution providers, data is transferred bi-directionally between systems ensuring a smooth flow of information throughout your organisation.