Financial Operations

Accurate and reliable Epos, Stock Control and Estate Management systems are crucial to the financial operations of any enterprise. WinTill solutions not only provide this but they will also integrate seamlessly with any 3rd party ERP or accounting systems, ensuring synchronization throughout the business and complete visibility across the whole estate.


Whether you elect to integrate with your existing accounting solution or choose to utilize the comprehensive financial reporting tools available within WinTill accurate and clear real time information is always on hand. No matter how complex your business demands WinTill provides the concise, relevant information required by your financial team. Supporting multi-national locations means supporting multiple currencies, VAT rates and exchange rates and all are easily managed and maintained with all conversions being carried out as background processes thereby improving efficiency and accuracy. VAT maintenance fully supports any changes to the standard VAT rate, amendments to any products and locations are propagated automatically and user contribution is minimal.


Reducing stockloss is key to the profitability of any enterprise. WinTill affords you crucial visibility and clarity of all processes, right down to individual transactions and stock movements in the history of any given item, allowing your team to manage and reduce stockloss by identifying and closely monitoring any problem areas. Accurate and reliable stock management and reporting allows you to set and monitor stockloss KPI's and assign accountability.

Key Benefits

Cost Effective

Not only is WinTill platform independent, allowing you to utilise your existing hardware where required but we have a proven track record in significantly reducing head office staff hours and increasing efficiency at branch level, giving a substantial and rapid return on investment.


Internal theft is an unpleasant and expensive reality but the highly flexible security features and  indepth investigation tools provide a system which can be configured to minimise risk and highlight any anomalies as quickly as possible.

Integrated Chip & Pin

Wintill POS solutions provide integration with the UK's first PA-DSS approved point to point encrypted chip and pin terminals, providing dual layer data encryption from the point the data is captured on the terminal.

3rd Party ERP Integration

Already fully integrated with a number of the worlds' largest ERP solution providers data is transferred bi-directionally between systems ensuring a smooth flow of information throughout your organisation.