Case Studies: Hawkshead


 After unexpectedly acquiring a number of unplanned stores in one hit Hawkshead called upon WinTill to urgently supply, configure and install POS terminals on each site; including hardware, software, networking, Head Office set up and configuration and integration with the wholesale business ERP systems. Project Management was also required to ensure a well co-ordinated roll out and liason with other service providers. With stores spread across the country from the far south west to the south east and up to the Scottish highlands this involved top priority set up and a rapid round of site visits.



 From the point of order all terminals were ordered, configured and installed within two weeks. As other service providers could not match our timescales (e.g. ISP) all networking and routers were set up so the configuration could be completed remotely once the service was in place, negating the need for costly second fix site visits. As the WinTill software is not network dependant all vital till functionality was immediately available and automatic recovery means that all data transfer operations updated automatically once the service was available. 


Customer Comments

'Thanks so very much for all the huge effort you put in to get these stores back on line so quickly. It really is appreciated. The stores couldn't be less accessible too!! It's great to work with a team who are so customer focussed, professional and hard-working.'

Joanne Black  - Managing Director